Support Process

Support Processes: Key Processes

Cost Matters

We all know total component acquisition cost is the major factor in placing an order. Our strategy is to focus on reducing cost drivers, so that we can produce win/win situations. You minimize your piece cost while we make a fair profit. Let’s discuss specifics about how we can help each other.

The Mid-State Machine approach to cost is not a rote time and materials approach to pricing. Before we provide you a proposal, we begin by reviewing each step in the manufacturing process. We focus our attention on opportunities to reduce spending by highlighting the key cost drivers and processes that could drive down our costs, and save you money.

Total cost drivers usually include some or all of the following:

  • Machining center technology and age
  • Fixturing and loading approaches
  • Efficient machining methods
  • Materials purchasing
  • Capacity utilization
  • Scheduling system efficiencies
  • Lean manufacturing techniques including:
    • Reduced set-up times
    • Reduced WIP
    • Cost of Quality
    • Inspection time
    • Cost of rejects or rework
    • Inventory investment
    • Freight and shipping methods and frequency
    • Customer order entry & administration

After this careful review, we’ll propose a customized control plan to process your parts efficiently.

Quality Counts

In today’s manufacturing world, outstanding quality is a given. Mid-State Machine is committed to world-class performance. We’ve developed the region’s most comprehensive quality assurance and inspection department, backed by a documented quality system.

Once we’re approved to begin manufacturing, a documented quality plan is created for every manufactured component. Parts are monitored throughout the entire manufacturing process. We use tools, which include statistical sampling, identification of critical requirements and process capability studies. Each process also has a written set of operating instructions to minimize error.

Inspection steps are stored on our server and easily accessible. This automated approach reduces manual inspections and improves production time while allowing repeatable, reliable and efficient testing of your parts.

The QC and inspection department at Mid-State Machine is comprehensive, versatile and very efficient. It’s exactly what you need when you’re looking for the highest quality component manufacturing.

Quality Counts On-Time Efficient Delivery

With Mid-State Machine’s real-time scheduling tracking system you’ll always have the most current data about the actual status of your order. From order entry to shipping, we’ll provide you with progress reports, real-time communications and real customer satisfaction. Data is fed instantaneously from machines and personnel into a software system that tracks, records and analyzes production data.

Mid-State Machine can handle any type of order system you prefer, from one off purchases, to blanket orders, to Kanban arrangements, or other types of JIT systems. Our systems can track any of these from raw material order to finished goods.

Many of our customers utilize Kanban, a system of continuous supply of components, parts and supplies. Our delivery is linked to your forecast. It’s just that simple. We have a number of support systems in the background, but it all comes down to delivering on your timetable – not ours. Kanban and JIT programs result in shorter throughput times, better on-time delivery performance, and lower defects, resulting in lower costs.

Real-time management of our labor, equipment and facilities through a sophisticated scheduling system has helped boost productivity, improve efficiency and speed delivery to our customers. It’s part of our commitment to deliver the best to our customers.