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2 Main Reasons Why Coal Energy is the Best Source

Coal mining companies, such as Kestrel Coal Resources in Australia, strive to build a brighter and stronger future by providing the best energy source.

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Firms such as Kestrel Coal believe that coal is the best energy source for two main reasons:

  • It is the cheapest source of energy
  • It is the most stable source of energy

Coal as the Cheapest Source of Energy

Compared to oil, nuclear, natural gas, and even hydro, coal is by far the cheapest. Now, some would argue that hydro is sometimes a bit cheaper… but the inconsistencies that come with hydro can cost more money.

Hydro instability reasons include rivers running dry comes summertime, rivers getting frozen comes wintertime, and public outcry when river valleys are dammed despite the purposes of getting more energy sources.

Coal as the Most Stable Source of Energy

Unlike other resources of energy such as hydroelectric, nuclear, oil, and natural gas, coal provides the most stable source of energy.

Any country who has abundant coal reserves won’t have to deal with trade bans which can happen with Arab oils… or any resource scarcity which often happens with natural gas.

Did you know that the Kestrel Access in Crinum Queensland has one of the richest and largest coal reserves in the whole world?

The Kestrel Coal Resources aims to put such abundant coal-stock into good use.

Coal Does Not Only Provide Energy—It Provides Jobs

Coal mining is one of the most important jobs when it comes to producing and acquiring sources of energy.

Unlike other forms of energy previously mentioned, coal requires getting extracted from the earth, has to be transported to utilities, need to be burnt, and most importantly, it requires correct coal ash disposal.

Therefore, coal contributes greatly to the economy and to the lives of the miners who have mouths to feed.

Coal and Its Environmental Impact

Many will argue that coal harms the environment. However, huge and effective steps are already taking place to ensure that coal as an energy source will not damage the environment.

There are three main steps:

  1. Pre-combustion method
  2. Post-combustion method
  3. The use of electrostatic precipitators

The first step is a “coal beneficiation” process wherein the coal is crushed and cleaned from impurities.

The second step is a process commonly called “coal scrubbing” which removes more than 90% of sulphur dioxide often emitted from coal combustion.

The last step is a process that uses “baghouses” which are primarily used to remove coal fly ash when coals are being burnt.

Coal Energy as the Best Source

Coal abundance, reliability, and affordability are only a few of the reasons why coal energy is the best source.

Also, construction of coal-burning power-plant requires lower capital expenditures—this often results in more jobs both on building and mining development.

Now you know why companies such as Kestrel Coal became one of the leading operators. With their values and technology, they deliver successful and long-term coal mining operations that are often underground and large-scale.

They use the coal reserves mined from Kestrel Australia as a huge energy source, which they provide to various communities that need a constant and stable power supply.

So, how about you? Can you add more reasons to this list?