Vital battery maintenance tips for a Harley Davidson motorbike

Many Harley Davidson motorbike owners fail to do proper battery maintenance. This causes failures during ignition since the motorbike cannot draw any power from its battery. The problem is, various factors can harm it easily. Thus, Harley servicing always cover battery inspection and is included in the Harley first service cost that you need to pay.

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How to keep your Harley Davidson motorbike’s battery in good shape

Healthy Harley batteries can last up to 2 years or more before requiring replacement. Thus, you should keep these guidelines for proper battery maintenance:

Keep safety measures before tinkering anything

Be sure to keep yourself safe before and during your battery servicing task. Wear enough protective clothing, such as long sleeves, pants, long rubber gloves and safety glasses. This can protect you from harmful battery acid, or shield you from risks of explosions. It’s also important to disconnect the battery from your motorbike, and place it on level ground as you work.

Find a well-ventilated area where you can work. Be sure to keep kids and pets away as well. Moreover, prepare baking soda and water solution to neutralize spilled-off acid. Clean such spills after you work to avoid causing harm to others.

And if you’re hesitating to do it alone, bring your motorcycle to a Harley-Davidson service centre instead. This is the safest option you can take, especially if your battery requires professional attention.

Clean the terminals

Acid can sometimes leak through the terminals. Such acid can cause corrosion, which can lead to ignition and starting problems. This acid usually comes in the form of white or blue powdery substances on your terminals.

Clean it up using baking soda and water solution. Carefully brush the area to prevent build-ups of different debris. Finally, consider using anti-corrosion spray to protect your battery terminals. You can purchase such spray from motorcycle service centres.

Check terminal connectors

While cleaning the terminals, be sure to check its connectors as well. These cables are tightly secured to the terminals with screws or clamps. Tighten them up when necessary, and put some oil to prevent discharging and corrosion.

Inspect the battery casing

Be sure your battery casing doesn’t have leaking water or acid. When you notice acid seeping out, prepare the battery for disposal. Place it in a plastic bag, and neutralize the acid using baking soda and water solution. Do not run the risk of using the battery for another ride.

You can also connect with Harley roadside assistance if you observe battery leakage. This is not a problem if you’ve just bought your motorbike since Harley first service cost can cover battery maintenance.

Fill the electrolyte cells

Check the level of battery electrolyte once every week, and fill it up when necessary. You can notice minimum and maximum marks at the side of the cells, which can guide you through the task. If you don’t have battery electrolyte, you can use distilled water as an alternative. Do not use tap water because of chemicals and substances in it that can harm your battery.

Charge the battery when necessary

Motorbike batteries charge up when your motorcycle runs. Leaving your motorbike in the garage reduces the charges in your battery gradually, and fully-draining it can shorten its life. Thus, it’s important to charge your batteries when you leave it in the garage for a long time. You can purchase a genuine battery tender from Harley motorcycle merchandise to do the job.

These are the basic notes to remember in keeping your motorcycle battery in good shape. If you have a new motorbike, be sure to know the Harley first service cost for your first 1,000km mileage. And you can have such service at the reputable This can assure your battery stays in good condition as you begin enjoying longer rides.